Watch Sonisphere Festival 2011 Interview With David Ellefson

By Pauline France

July 13, 2011

Attitude Clothing’s Karis Beckingham conducted an in-depth interview with Megadeth bassist and Jackson signature artist David Ellefson at the Sonisphere Festival 2011, held July 8-10 in Knebworth, U.K.

During the interview, Ellefson talks about his experience with the Big 4, and how this year’s performance was different from last year’s.

“Tonight, Diamond Head is on the bill with the Big 4, so it’s the Big 4 plus Diamond Head; certainly one of the most influential bands for both Megadeth and Metallica – a band I can honestly say, without them neither of us may be here,” said Ellefson. “So it’s kind of an honorary moment.”

Ellefson also discusses how Megadeth has passed on the metal legacy to other bands.

Watch the entire interview below…