Is Mansoor’s New Jackson Signature Series the Ultimate Sleeper Guitar?

By MDuffy

June 9, 2021

Misha Mansoor changed the way we all look at metal guitar playing. Whether as part of Periphery’s three-guitar attack, as a producer or as a solo artist, his playing laid the foundation for modern metal while making him a djent forefather.

But Mansoor also pushes the boundaries when it comes to his guitar gear. From amp heads to pedals, he helps design all of his signature model products. And in this breakdown, Mansoor sits down with Jackson to discuss his newest piece, the Jackson MJ Series Signature Misha Mansoor So-Cal 2PT.

Mansoor’s signature Jackson Juggernauts are already some of the brand’s most popular models. But, not one to sit still for long, Mansoor wanted even more from his instruments. He still wanted the voice and feel of his original designs but in a more traditional package. This So-Cal 2PT succeeds on all accounts. Just don’t let its vintage stylings and beautiful Daphne Blue finish fool you.

“Upon closer inspection, we see that this is very much to my spec,” he said. “It’s not very much like any other Strat or SO-CAL that’s out there.”

These Mansoor-approved specs make his signature So-Cal a definite sleeper. For example, its 1960s showroom appearance can make you forget all about Mansoor’s signature Bare Knuckle Ragnarok bridge humbucker. This pickup’s power and bite are more Juggernaut than vintage Strat. Add in the baked maple neck’s 20” fretboard radius and slim profile, and you quickly realize the guitar can be a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

But, as Mansoor’s haunting clean and mid-gain tones demonstrate, the Ragnarok’s trademark grind isn’t all the guitar can do.

“We also have a Bare Knuckle Trilogy Suite middle and neck (single-coil) pickup to complement it. And with this, you actually get an insanely versatile set of tones,” he noted. “Obviously, the Ragnarok is a very aggressive bridge tone, and it actually works surprisingly well on mid-gain and clean stuff. I don’t know why, but it just does. And you’ve got the neck and the middle, so you can get those wonderful, single-coil, Strat tones.”

Though offering many of the same characteristics as Mansoor’s Jackson Juggernauts, the Misha Mansoor So-Cal 2PT is its own animal. By reaching to the past for design and the future for tone, he is once again pushing the boundaries of electric guitar. And he’s extremely happy with how it’s going.

“It’s kind of insane how good of a job Jackson has done with this guitar,” Mansoor said. “This guitar is very special to me. I’ve been playing it non-stop since I got this one. And I hope that you guys enjoy it too.”

For more information on the Jackson MJ Series Signature Misha Mansoor So-Cal 2PT, click here.