Product News
YouTuber Joe Hamilton Reviews Pro Series Juggernaut HT7

YouTuber Joe Hamilton reviews the ergonomic design and versatile voice of the Pro Series Signature Misha Mansoor Juggernaut HT7 in a new demo video. “Honestly, [ … ]

Entheos’ Tim Walker Showcases Tonal Palette of JS Spectra Basses

Entheos bassist Tim Walker composed a variety of basslines to showcase the impressive versatility and range the Jackson JS Series Spectra Bass models have to [ … ]

Jeff Loomis Went for An ‘Extremely Aggressive-Looking’ Jackson Signature Model

“Arch Enemy is a metal band… I’m metal, I have played metal my whole life and I wanted to have my signature model to be [ … ]

David Ellefson Introduces His New X Series Signature Concert Bass Models

In the exclusive new video below, Megadeth’s David Ellefson gives an in-depth overview of his all-new X Series Signature David Ellefson Concert Bass CBXM IV [ … ]

Artist News
Burning Witches Perform Killer Playthrough of ‘Wings Of Steel’

Guitarists Romana Kalkuhl and Sonia Nusselder of Swiss heavy metal outfit Burning Witches released a brutal video playthrough of “Wings Of Steel,” off second album [ … ]

First Song I Learned on Guitar with Jeff Loomis

Armed with Jackson Dinky Minion, Arch Enemy guitarist Jeff Loomis reveals the very first song he learned to play on guitar — “Where Eagles Dare” [ … ]

Scott Ian Shows Off His King V Axes in a Sweetwater ‘Rig Tour’

Scott Ian gave Sweetwater a peek at his collection of Jackson King V™ guitars in a recent episode of Rig Tour, in which the Anthrax [ … ]

Silver Talon Release Brazen ‘Cold Embrace’ Playthrough

Silver Talon guitarist Bryce VanHoosen showed off his monstrous chops in a new playthrough of the power metal outfit’s track “Cold Embrace,” off their debut [ … ]

The Ultimate Jackson Artist Playlist

The Ultimate Jackson Artist Playlist