Product News
14 Insane Jackson Custom Shop Creations

The guys at the Jackson Custom shop know a thing or two about what it takes to make a guitar that packs as much brutal [ … ]

Cameron Cooper Reviews the X Series Gus G. Star

Fans of Greek metal god Gus G. Greek can get an excellent new look and listen of his X Series Signature Star model, courtesy of [ … ]

Chop n’ Shred with Dave Davidson

Do you like metal? Do you like food? How about the two together? Chef Brian Tsao has you covered. Revocation’s Dave Davidson recently sat down [ … ]

Experience the All-New Jackson SL4X With Our New Demo

Watch our new demo video below as Jackson product manager Peter Wichers gives a swift rundown of the features found on our all-new Jackson X [ … ]

Artist News
Jeff Loomis Featured on ‘Coffee With Ola’

Wicked things happen when metal gods meet. Jeff Loomis recently joined Feared guitarist and YouTuber Ola Englund for an episode of Coffee With Ola, in [ … ]

Where Does David Ellefson Store His Grammy?

Where would you keep your Grammy? With the 61st Annual Grammy Awards show coming up this Sunday night, David Ellefson took the Recording Academy inside [ … ]

9 New Artist Signature Models Crammed With Jackson Attitude

You can never have too many assertive axes in the arsenal, right? 😈 Set your sights on these nine new signature models that are just as [ … ]

Jackson Goes Backstage with Revocation’s Dave Davidson

During a recent tour stop in support of new album The Outer Ones, Revocation frontman Dave Davidson gave Jackson a video rundown of his preferred [ … ]

The Ultimate Jackson Artist Playlist

The Ultimate Jackson Artist Playlist