Product News
‘Total Guitar’ Awards X Series Soloist SL3X Zebrawood ‘Best Value For Money’

In its May issue, Total Guitar featured a review and comparison of four Floyd Rose-toting axes across brands, with our Jackson X Series Soloist SL3X [ … ]

14 Insane Jackson Custom Shop Creations

The guys at the Jackson Custom shop know a thing or two about what it takes to make a guitar that packs as much brutal [ … ]

Cameron Cooper Reviews the X Series Gus G. Star

Fans of Greek metal god Gus G. Greek can get an excellent new look and listen of his X Series Signature Star model, courtesy of [ … ]

Chop n’ Shred with Dave Davidson

Do you like metal? Do you like food? How about the two together? Chef Brian Tsao has you covered. Revocation’s Dave Davidson recently sat down [ … ]

Artist News
Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals Release Live Video For ‘Photographic Taunts’

Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals released a live video of their single “Photographic Taunts,” with guitarist Mike DeLeon providing brisk fretboard action on a [ … ]

Death Angel Share New Interview & ‘Humanicide’ Playthrough

In anticipation of their upcoming ninth studio album Humanicide, thrash metal outfit Death Angel released two new video packages, including an interview on the writing [ … ]

Entheos Performs On Audiotree Live

Tech-death metal band Entheos recently gave a high-octane performance at Audiotree Studio featuring songs off latest album Dark Future, including “Black Static” and “Pulse of [ … ]

Silver Talon Release ‘Speed of the Night’ Playthrough

Guitarists Bryce VanHoosen and Sebastian Silva of Portland, Ore.-based power metal band Silver Talon show off their chops in a recent video playthrough of the [ … ]

The Ultimate Jackson Artist Playlist

The Ultimate Jackson Artist Playlist