Product News
Andertons Music Loves the Little Minions

There’s just something absolutely irresistible about our “tiny” Jackson Minions that even a grown man just can’t resist. With a new wave of Jackson Minions [ … ]

All That Remains’ Oli Herbert Showcases his Jackson USA Signature Limited Edition Rhoads

In a new video interview, All That Remains guitarist Oli Herbert showcases his all-new Jackson USA Signature Limited Edition Rhoads model with some rapid-fire fretwork [ … ]

Misha Mansoor Talks Through the Upgrades to his New USA Juggernaut Models

When Misha Mansoor launched his brand new Pro Series guitars back in 2017, they were loaded with such unbeatable value that it left the progressive [ … ]

More Ways to Chicken Pick with Mike Orlando of Adrenaline Mob

Following up on a Guitar World lesson from October, Adrenaline Mob’s Mike Orlando is back again with another informative video showing more ways to utilize [ … ]

Artist News
Gus G. Drops New Video for ‘Force Majeure’

Jackson signature artist Gus G. just released the music video “Force Majeure” featuring Vinnie Moore, and the Greek guitar god delivers plenty of hard hitting [ … ]

Rimfrost Debut Video for New Single ‘Bloodnight’

Swedish metal band Rimfrost today debuted the music video for crushing new single “Bloodnight” via Metal Addicts. The video was teased earlier in the week [ … ]

Jackson Welcomes Jake Wilkes of Disentomb to our Artist Roster

We are amped to bring Jake Wilkes on as a Jackson artist. Wilkes has been tearing apart the guitar at neck-breaking speeds with his Disentomb [ … ]

Galactic Empire Unleash New Music Video for May the 4th Be With You Celebration

May the 4th Be With You! Galactic Empire put their full force behind this annual Star Wars celebration by unleashing a new music video for [ … ]

The Ultimate Jackson Artist Playlist

The Ultimate Jackson Artist Playlist