Product News
‘Guitar World’ Reviews ‘Pretty in Pink’ Jackson SL4X

In its February Hair Metal issue, Guitar World‘s Paul Riario takes a nostalgic deep dive into all things ’80s — from John Hughes movies to [ … ]

Andertons Music Loves the Little Minions

There’s just something absolutely irresistible about our “tiny” Jackson Minions that even a grown man just can’t resist. With a new wave of Jackson Minions [ … ]

All That Remains’ Oli Herbert Showcases his Jackson USA Signature Limited Edition Rhoads

In a new video interview, All That Remains guitarist Oli Herbert showcases his all-new Jackson USA Signature Limited Edition Rhoads model with some rapid-fire fretwork [ … ]

Misha Mansoor Talks Through the Upgrades to his New USA Juggernaut Models

When Misha Mansoor launched his brand new Pro Series guitars back in 2017, they were loaded with such unbeatable value that it left the progressive [ … ]

Artist News
David Ellefson Covers ‘Bass Player,’ Talks New Project

Megadeth’s David Ellefson and Anthrax’s Frank Bello joined forces for the new bass-centric band Altitudes & Attitudes and are gearing up for the Jan. 18 [ … ]

Marty Friedman Rocks ‘BackStory’

Music journalist Brad Tolinski recently hosted the one-and-only Marty Friedman in a recent episode of BackStory to discuss the legendary guitarist’s new album One Bad [ … ]

All That Remains Guitarist Oli Herbert Dead at Age 44

Wednesday morning began with very sad news of the death of  All That Remains guitarist Oli Herbert, who was also a dear member of our [ … ]

Marty Friedman Releases Live “White Worm” Video

Marty Friedman released the music video for “White Worm” from his upcoming live album One Bad M.F. Live!!, and it is packed with the scorching [ … ]

The Ultimate Jackson Artist Playlist

The Ultimate Jackson Artist Playlist