David Ellefson Guests on Premier Guitar’s Big 5

By Chrissy Mauck

April 27, 2021

Premier Guitar featured Megadeth bassist David Ellefson in a recent episode of newish series: The Big 5, in which guests are asked to answer the same fie questions:

  • What’s my favorite guitar? Or in Ellefson’s case, his favorite bass!
  • What’s my desert-island album?
  • What’s my biggest guitar-culture pet peeve?
  • Which guitar hero of mine would surprise my fans?
  • What’s my secret weapon?

Watch as Ellefson answers the Big Five, which includes mention of his “plug and play” Jackson signature 30th Anniversary X Series Concert™ Bass CBX IV in Quicksilver.

For most of his “hard rock, metal tendencies,” Ellefson found that Jackson bass instruments and especially active electronics were most effective.

“I found that to be really effective with Jackson when Grover made that first bzass for me, and then I carried on playing late ‘80s, early ‘90s and again in the last 10 years because the necks are fast.  The neck is meant to be very fast so you can shred, and I like that it is a shredder bass!”

Any guesses as to his desert-island album?  Watch to find out …