Chris Broderick Showcases his New Pro Signature Soloists

By MDuffy

September 15, 2021


Chris Broderick has been one of the most influential Jackson artists for years now, with a bevy of Soloist models bearing his name that reflect his clear vision on modern metal.

Now, the Act of Defiance and In Flames guitarist has upped the ante with a new line of signature Pro Series models that update his beloved axes.

The latest Chris Broderick Pro Series Soloist editions come in 6- and 7-string formats, in addition to giving you the ability to choose between a hardtail bridge or Floyd Rose tremolo system and a menacing Gloss Black or otherworldly Transparent Blue finish.

And they all fall in line with Broderick’s unique takes on the venerable Soloist.

“I’ve always said, ‘Jackson Guitars was the brand that could,’ and they helped me design this guitar with no compromise,” said Broderick. “When [first] I came to them, I was looking at other companies, and all [the other companies] wanted to do was slap a sticker on an existing guitar that didn’t play exactly how I wanted it to. But Jackson, the whole time, had no problem doing anything I asked. Jackson came through.”

Broderick’s Soloists are immediately recognizable with an offset body shape that gives it an aura of perpetual motion, even when simply holding it stationary, and a reverse AT-1 headstock. The Colorado native also outfitted the maple necks with a 12” radius laurel fingerboard and 24 jumbo frets for ultimate playability.

“All of the things on this neck come together to create one sleek, easy-to-play guitar,” said Broderick. “I wouldn’t want to touch anything else. It just makes everything so easy.”

Each of the two bridge options has advantages Broderick takes to the stage. For rock-solid tuning stability and excellent resonance, he might choose the Jackson Single-String hardtail bridge. When he’s ready to unleash ground-shaking dive bombs, it might be the Floyd Rose Special double-locking tremolo system.

And as for the pickups, Broderick worked closely with DiMarzio on a new set of custom pickups. Built from the ground up, these direct-mount humbuckers produce high gain, low noise and uncompromising tone.

“They’re articulate, punchy, they serve a number of different genres and they’re perfectly balanced for your shred guitarists,” said Broderick. “They can get a focused mid-range tone if you want them for jazz, and they can get a glassy, acoustic tone, as well.”

At the end of the day, Broderick hopes that aspiring players and professionals alike will see one of his Pro Series Soloists at a retailer and be inspired to test it out on their own.

“I really want them to notice the playability, the features and the sound,” he said. “You always want to play music from the standpoint of inspiration and not duty. Always remember why you play the instrument, that it was fun and how amazing it was to just get something like your first pinch harmonic.”

Watch Broderick break down his new models in the video here and click here to see all of their specs.