Watch Sepultura Guitarist Andreas Kisser’s New Jackson Custom Shop Rhoads V Get Set Up

By Jackson WEB ADMIN

February 26, 2018

Sepultura guitarist Andreas Kisser received a fresh new Jackson Rhoads V from the USA Custom Shop to use on the band’s upcoming Machine Messiah European tour. Before setting off, Kisser had his personal luthier and guitar tech Dante Lucca unbox and set up the righteous new axe.

In a new video that captured the action, Lucca made sure that the custom painted Rhoads was ready for the tour’s 26-date marathon schedule, tailoring the string and action to Kisser’s preferences. After a whirlwind look at the bench work, Lucca explained some of the guitar’s finer details.

“It’s a standard Randy Rhoads build with a neck-through body, which means the whole body is one piece of wood from the tip of the headstock, ‘til the end of the body,” he said. “This helps a lot with the guitar’s sustain.”

Watch the package below and be sure to turn on closed captioning for an English translation.