Total Guitar Reviews The Jackson X Series Signature Adrian Smith SDXQ

By Jackson WEB ADMIN

January 8, 2018

UK guitar magazine Total Guitar dropped an excellent review of the new Jackson X Series Signature Adrian Smith SDXQ guitar. Impressed with the fully-equipped axe, reviewer Chris Corfield made note of both the great price and fantastic build quality of the SDXQ.

“Jackson and the Maiden man have created a textbook sub-£500 shred machine in his own image, without an ounce of fat on it,” Corfield wrote.

Corfield found himself most interested by the X Series model’s 12-16” compound radius neck and maple fingerboard, which is ideal for strong chord work near the headstock and tight solos and string bending towards the body.

Without a negative comment to be made, Corfield believes that the beautiful quilt maple topped, mid-range Maiden signature axe punches well above its weight.

“It’s hard to see where Jackson has made concessions,” he noted. “Build quality is superb, the tones you can extract are excellent and the compound neck is a revelation.

“The £500 bracket is always going to feature plenty of highly playable guitars, but Jackson has created something special indeed.”

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