Phil Demmel Checks In From Rockstar Mayhem Festival

By Pauline France

July 18, 2011

Machine Head guitarist and Jackson signature artist Phil Demmel checked in from the Rockstar Mayhem Festival on July 10 via an interview with the Vinnie Langdon Show.

In the clip, Demmel talks about the band’s upcoming release Unto The Locust, set to drop in late September via Roadrunner records. He also delves deep into his musical past, describing AC/DC, Ted Nugent and Kiss as some of his rock heroes.

Watch the entire interview below…

The thrash metal guitarist also checked in with Metal Sucks, giving them a complete rundown of all the gear he is using during the tour.

Some of the axes in his rig include his Randy Rhoads tribute guitar, and his signature Jackson Phil Demmel Demmelition King V Electric Guitar, featured below. Check out the entire Metal Sucks gear rundown here.

Visit Machine Head’s website here to pre-order your copy of Unto The Locust, and check the Rockstar Mayhem Festival website here to catch them live.