Phil Collen Talks Gear with Premier Guitar

By Pauline France

September 21, 2011

Def Leppard axeman Phil Collen sat down with Premier Guitar to give the lowdown on gear, side projects, and the band’s first-ever live album, Mirror Ball: Live & More.

Collen also discusses his new project ManRaze, stating that it gives him instant excitement and allows for him to expand his composition skills.

“It’s the edge thing and the excitement,” he tells Premier Guitar. “It’s very instant and immediate. Even lyrically, I can go places that I can’t go with Def Leppard.”

Collen also shares the specs on his prized Jackson PC1 and Jackson PC Supreme signature models.

“I have two models: One’s a natural—and it’s an old workhorse—and I just got another one called the PC Supreme, which is a neck-through,” he tells Premier Guitar. “It’s got a big, fat neck. In fact, it’s the biggest neck I think Jackson has ever made. When I pick up other guitars, I don’t enjoy [them] as much. When I play my own, I get a thrill out of it. That’s been a constant thing with Jackson.”

Read the entire Q&A here, and watch the video below to get an inside look at Collen’s beastly Jackson arsenal…