Marty Friedman Unleashes His Jackson Pro Series Signature MF-1

By Sara Norton

February 2, 2021

Renowned guitar virtuoso Marty Friedman has been eager  to unleash his all-new Jackson Pro Series Signature MF-1 Purple Mirror upon the public, and today is finally the day of the official launch of this head-turning instrument.

“I’ve been waiting for this for a long time, and it’s finally going to be unleashed on the public!” says Friedman in the new exclusive Jackson video below.

Citing his fantastic experience creating and performing with his original black MF-1 sig guitars with Jackson, Friedman explains that he wanted to come up with a new color to add to his arsenal. The new signature Pro MF-1 features a resonant mahogany single-cut body topped with a striking cracked Purple Mirror top finish with 3-ply white/abalone/white body binding.

“It’s just a gorgeous guitar,” said Friedman. “The people at Jackson came up with a way to develop this – it’s actually really a custom type of job but they managed to do it in such a way to put it out to the public at a reasonable price point.

“I used this model in the photo session for my Tokyo Jukebox 3 album, and you really can’t take a bad picture with this guitar. Depending on how the light hits it, it really changes its personality and image a lot.”

Prior to the COVID shutdown, Friedman was also able to tour rigorously with the instrument.

“I took the prototype of this guitar on the road and loved it!” said Friedman. “It took a brutal beating every night, stayed in tune and just looked fantastic.”

Watch Friedman break down a few of the instrument’s key specs and take it for a quick spin below. To celebrate today’s Feb. 2 launch date, Friedman will be coming on live to our Instagram account at 8PM PST tonight!