Jackson Spectra Bass JS3 Scores Rave Review In ‘Bass Player’ Magazine

By Sara Norton

January 6, 2020

Bass Player magazine’s Joe Daly took the Jackson JS Series Spectra Bass JS3 for a test drive and came away loving the design and sturdy construction of the “affordable and affable slinky Jackson that steps away from the brand’s heavy metal heritage.”

“With an ambiguous focus on economy, we’re hard pressed to find any pesky design flaws or structural issues; after logging long hours over the course of several weeks, the JS3 proves both sturdy and reliable,” wrote Daly in the magazine’s January issue.

“Straight off the bat, the size of the contoured upper horn commands attention,” he continued. “Beyond its eye-catching aesthetic prominence, the generous contours distribute the weight evenly from stem to stern.”

Daly also praised the extensive control layout of the JS3 that included a two-way toggle switch for pickup coil splitting, three-band EQ and push/pull selector to bypass or engage the active circuit.

“[The JS3] features an array of knobs that allow the player an immense amount of flexibility in tweaking the tone without having to adjust the amp or pedalboard,” noted Daly.

Daly’s final takeaway of the JS3?

“ Visually, the JS3 is a tribute to elegant simplicity,” he wrote. “Whether on a stage or on the wall of your jam room, the JS Spectra makes an impressive addition to any collection, and setting aside affordability, it checks all of the boxes: A snug, ergonomically-friendly design, a wide range of controls and a luxurious tonal palette that lends itself to virtually any playing style. Considering its budget-friendly price tag; the JS Spectra series emerges as one of the most affordable and versatile offerings of the year. ”

Grab a copy of January’s Bass Player magazine for Daly’s full review.