Aversions Crown Guitarists Join Jackson

By Chrissy Mauck

April 7, 2017

Guitarists Chris Cougan and Mick Jeffery of Brisbane’s Aversions Crowns have joined the Jackson artist family.  Both are using the new Jackson X Series Soloist™ Archtop SLAT8 MS models throughout the USA and Canada this spring as part of their “Revelation Tour.”

“I’m very honored to become part of the Jackson family,” said Jeffery. “So many of my favorite players, from when I started right through until now, have proudly endorsed their instruments. Jackson has been at the forefront of heavy metal guitars for decades and I’m proud to be part of the continuing legacy.”

Added Cougan,  “The Jackson SLAT8 MS Soloist gives you exactly what you want with an 8 string guitar. The multiscale enables the guitar to produce a tight low end tone whilst keeping the clarity and cut you need with the high end string tension; intonation in low tunings is certainly not an issue. The sleek design feels extremely comfortable and fast which allows you to play leads with ease, and I was able to pull a number of amazing clean and distorted tones using the stock EMG pickups.”

The band has been riding high on new record Xenocide, their second for worldwide metal powerhouse Nuclear Blast Entertainment. Produced by Mark Lewis (Whitechapel, The Black Dahlia Murder), the album crashed into the ARIA charts at #38 and cracked the illustrious US Billboard Top 200 at #136.

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