Wes Borland Discusses Rejoining Limp Bizkit, New Album

By Pauline France

August 9, 2011

Jackson-wielding guitarist Wes Borland from Limp Bizkit opens up in a candid interview with Musicradar.com, revealing details on his departure from the band in 2001, and how he’s back for good now.

“When I left the first time in 2001, I was 26 and I had absolutely had it with people making fun of the band,” he told Musicradar.com “I felt embarrassed to have my peers write off what I was doing. We were so successful and at the top of our game, yet we were this huge target for everybody’s hate. I didn’t know how to handle it.

Borland also talks about the band’s new album Gold Cobra, and how he’s incorporated more solos into the latest release.

“In the past, [solos] didn’t seem all that necessary or important, but this album felt different in that way,” he told Musicradar.com. “On the other records, there were sections that you might call ‘melodic leads,’ but on Gold Cobra, playing real solos felt very natural. Like I said, maybe I’ve evolved as a guitarist, I don’t know [laughs].”

To read the entire interview, visit Musicradar.com here.

Click on the video below to watch Borland rock his Jackson Warrior during a live performance of the album’s title track in Mannheim, Germany.