‘Total Guitar’ Awards X Series Soloist SL3X Zebrawood ‘Best Value For Money’

By Sara Norton

May 14, 2019

In its May issue, Total Guitar featured a review and comparison of four Floyd Rose-toting axes across brands, with our Jackson X Series Soloist SL3X Zebrawood taking the honor of “Best Value For Money.”

The U.K. magazine praised the stylish but affordable axe’s ability to stay in tune after hours of heavy playing thanks to its Floyd Rose Special double-locking system. And while the Duncan Designed HB-103 humbucker in the bridge gives the SL3X plenty of tight, crunchy tone, the pristine clean notes from the dual single coil Duncan Designed HR-101 Hot Rails pickups are what caught the reviewer’s ear.

“The Jackson’s tone is versatile,” noted TG. “Hot Rails are underrated as clean machines and that clarity translates to great definition when you switch the distortion pedal on.”

The article also raved over the intricacy and uniqueness of the zebrawood top on the SL3X.

“The Zebrawood adds a bit of eye candy,” said TG. “Each slice of this stuff is a one-off, so your guitar won’t look quite like anyone else’s.”

Pick up a copy of this month’s TG for the full review.