Swedish Death Metal Band Degradead Announce Album Release Date

By Pauline France

June 14, 2011

Swedish death metal band Degradead will release latest album A World Destroyer in the United States on June 28. Their previous album, 2009’s Out of Body Experience, gained them national recognition in their home country.

For a good dose of death metal and a taste of the band’s upcoming record, watch their video below for album opener “Human Nature.”

A World Destroyer track listing:

1. Human Nature (4:27)

2. A Taste of Destiny (3:54)

3. A False Hope (4:23)

4. The Final Judgement (3:35)

5. Broken (3:44)

6. Part of the System (5:33)

7. No One Prevail (4:39)

8. Cold Blood (3:44)

9. Near the End (3:53)

10. Kept in the Dark (3:51)

Upcoming gigs and tour dates, including a special show featuring Iron Maiden, can be found at Degradead’s website here.