Revocation Releases New Album Great Is Our Sin

By Morgan Brunner

July 22, 2016

Today, Revocation releases their sixth studio album Great Is Our Sin, and it’s now available for streaming on SoundCloud.

The band recently sat down with Guitar World magazine to share insight into the making of the record, which saw the band exploring new territory both musically and conceptually.

“With every record we try to expand the Revocation sound,” singer and guitarist David Davidson told GW.

A few examples include “Communion,” which Davidson says is “the fastest we’ve ever written—I think is clocks in at about 240 [bpm],” while “Cleaving Giants of Ice” is the slowest piece in the band’s history.

“So it’s interesting to go to those two extremes,” says Davidson. “Even in tempo and dynamic we were coming up with new material that really showed different sides of the band. We didn’t just want it to be about breakneck speed all the time.”

The album also features guest star Marty Friedman tearing it up alongside Davidson on instrumental track “The Exaltation.”

“I told Marty, ‘Here’s the starting point, here’s the ending point,’” shared Davidson.  “And that was really all the direction I gave him. And in true Marty fashion, he delivered a solo which I think totally has his signature flavor on it but at the same time completely works with our sound and fits wonderfully into the song.”

Check out the video below, which offers a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Great Is Our Sin. You can also stream the album and if you like what you hear, pick it up here.