Periphery Releases New Album and Animated Video for Single “Marigold”

By Morgan Brunner

July 22, 2016

Periphery dropped fifth studio album Periphery III: Select Difficulty today.

The new album is a deliberate departure from the band’s typical writing process, in which they chose a more laid back and straight-to-the-point approach. While they stick to their trademark djent sounds and aggressive riffs, Periphery have shortened their lengthy intros and added an orchestral and synth element for an interesting new twist.

Guitarist Misha Mansoor weighed in on the change up, telling Loudwire, “After the Juggernaut concept albums, Select Difficulty was not initially supposed to be a full-length. Juggernaut was so long and comparatively stressful. It took six months. Initially, we decided to try and make an EP. Everybody was down with that. With this fresh start, we were all hooked. This was our first stress-free experience. The time crunch actually helped it become the most cohesive too. It all turned into Periphery III.

Periphery’s new styling can be heard in the  new animated music video for track “Marigold.” The band, represented by cylindrical figures mass-produced in a factory, struggle to escape their robotic creators. Check out the epic battle between the machines in the clip below

Periphery kicks off their tour in August in support of Periphery III: Select Difficulty. Dates here.