Reinvent the Pentatonic Scale in a New Lesson from Metal Mike

By MDuffy

June 10, 2015

Metal Mike Chlasciak

Metal Mike Chlasciak recently posted an intriguing new lesson via Guitar World in which he teaches aspiring players to reinvent the minor pentatonic scale.

As it is the most used sound in rock, metal and blues, Chlasciak flips it on its side to look at new ways to attack it.

“The musical strength of the scale lies in its simplicity, making it a perfect formula from which to try to discover interesting and new musical paths,” he wrote.

“Whether I’m trying to write new riffs for songs or composing a guitar solo, it’s always fun and challenging to build new phrases based on minor pentatonic. And you don’t necessarily have to rack your brain; sometimes the most straightforward approach is best.

Watch the lesson after the jump and read more here

Metal Mike’s affinity for teaching continues this summer in the form of his Metal Heroes Summer Camp, a school for young metal enthusiasts aged 12-19.

The event will be held Aug. 24-28 at the Full Moon Resort in Big Indian, N.Y.

Attendees will get one-on-one tutorials, jam together, participate in question-and-answer sessions with music-industry professionals and view a treasure trove of metal memorabilia. In addition, the camp closes out with a metal concert in front of campers’ family and friends.

Learn more about the camp here.