Orden Ogan Head to the Wild West for ‘Gunman’

By Chrissy Mauck

May 22, 2017

German power metal band Orden Ogan headed to the wild west for the new music video for “Gunman,” the title track of their upcoming July album.

Rainer “Zipp” Fränzen directed the clip, which was shot in Utah’s famed Monument Valley as well as at the Western Saloon of the Fort Fun adventure park in Germany.

“The new Orden Ogan album, Gunmen, is set in a dark fantasy Wild West environment, so, obviously, we had to go to Monument Valley (Utah) to shoot there,” said guitarist/vocalist Seeb Levermann. “There is no other place in the world that is more ‘Wild West.’ We shot at the classic Monument Valley scenery as well as at the famous John Ford’s Point and also did horseback rides.”

As for the adventure park, “Things came full circle here, because we’ve also recorded the drums for ‘Gunman’ there — to be more specific, in the ‘Western Saloon’ of the ‘Fort Fun’ adventure park,” he said. “We wanted to have this huge ’80s snare ambience that you can only get from big rooms.

“When the Wild West concept took form, we learned about the Saloon (in Fort Fun), did some test recordings there and were totally blown away. The hall sounds amazing and ‘Gunmen’ may be my best-sounding mix so far.”

Watch the action unfold below …