More Ways to Chicken Pick with Mike Orlando of Adrenaline Mob

By Jackson WEB ADMIN

April 9, 2018

Following up on a Guitar World lesson from October, Adrenaline Mob’s Mike Orlando is back again with another informative video showing more ways to utilize the country-style picking technique called “chicken pickin’” in modern metal music.

The unique skill gets its name from the clucking sound that is made when flatpicked downstrokes are combined with aggressive fingerpicking. The lightning fast fingerwork causes the strings to snap against the fretboard, creating a distinct and heavy sound.

Orlando’s original lesson focused strictly on the basics of chicken pickin’. For this lesson, the guitarist steps it up by showing how to incorporate the flatpicked note to other, lower non-adjacent strings while maintaining the fingerpicked note on the high E string.

CLICK HERE to watch the advanced chicken pickin’ tutorial and learn something new.