Miss May I Drops New Music Video, Hitting Warped Tour

By MDuffy

June 7, 2012

With At Heart scheduled to drop June 12, Ohio metal outfit Miss May I released a music video for the song “Hey Mister.”

The track is featured on a free 34-song compilation from the Vans Warped Tour, which is here.

While your computer downloads, watch “Hey Mister” below:

In other Miss May I news, bassist Ryan Neff will be giving personal lessons at Warped Tour stops via bandhappy.com.

Neff will be leading students on his Jackson John Campbell Signature Bass, which played a big part in the creation of At Heart.

Like a true teacher, Neff offered JacksonGuitars.com a breakdown of the axe.

“The badass 3 bridge allows me to hold great sustain at any tuning, regardless of how low,” Neff said.  “The flat black body looks great, dirty or clean, and wears beautifully on the road. The tone of the bass is amazing. The notes are clear and articulate with a strong midrange definition that does not become muddy in lower tunings. The neck and fretboard are extremely fast and comfortable, allowing for scaling low to high with ease and precision.

“There will undoubtedly be many live concerts and studio dates performed with this instrument.”

Photo credit: Rick Walt

For more information, visit Miss May I’s official Facebook page.