Evile Releases ‘In Memoriam’ Video

By MDuffy

June 6, 2012

British thrashers Evile have released the music video to “In Memoriam,” a song off their latest release, Five Serpent’s Teeth.

“In Memoriam” was inspired by the passing of bassist Mike Alexander, who died in 2009 from a blood clot in his lungs.

“We are really excited for our fans, both new and old, to see our video for ‘In Memoriam,'” said drummer Ben Carter.  “It’s a different sound and approach for us definitely, but we hope our fans appreciate the sentiment and reason this song exists.  There’s a lot of context in the song that everyone will at one time or another relate to, and we hope we have captured that essence in the video.

“We didn’t want to rush this video and get it wrong at all; we didn’t want there to be any falseness, so what we have created is something which we are all very proud of, which perfectly captures everything we felt after losing Mike, and moving forward with Joel.  We hope this becomes a mainstay of our live set in the future, and we also hope that everyone who watches takes something positive from the video.  Live life, and enjoy!”

Watch the “In Memoriam” clip below:

You can download the digital single via iTunes here, and visit the band’s official website for more information.