Misha Mansoor Runs Through His New Jackson Signature Juggernaut Models

By Jackson WEB ADMIN

February 20, 2018

Jackson artist Misha Mansoor was making the rounds at this year’s NAMM show and as always, the hands-on musician was happy to take time out of his busy schedule to explain to Music Radar all the incredible features found on his brand-new USA Signature model guitars.

From his Bare Knuckle pickups to the caramelized fretboards and incredibly unique finishes, Mansoor was front and center during the decision–making process of his American-built axes.

The Djent god explained that after the huge success of his Pro Series model, he wanted to also refresh his USA Juggernauts and take them up a notch.

“The impetus for these was to make the premium model, even more premium because the import model, the Pro Series, ended up being such a hit,” he said. “Being such a genuinely good guitar, it felt like we should differentiate the two and step these up another level.”

Watch the guided tour with Mansoor below.