Metal Mike Chlasciak Reveals New Album Tracklisting

By Pauline France

February 22, 2012

Metal guitar god Mike Chlasciak’s solo album The Metalworker is due for release later this year, and the song titles are now available.

The record features several instrumental tracks, which include collaborations with vocalist Carlos Zema, drummer Kevin Talley and bassist Mike LePond.

“I am psyched that The Metalworker is nearing its release,” saId Chlasciak on his website. “It is a focused, no-apologies heavy metal record that features plowing riffs, soaring vocals and wicked double bass for days. Both Kevin and Mike killed it, and I’m also very happy to have Carlos on vocals. I’m telling you, this guy is a serious powerhouse vocal talent.”

The Metalworker track listing is below:

– On Leather Wings
– Don’t Shoot The Crown
– Silence Of The Steel
– Tonight We Ride
– We Are The Cross
– This Is War
– M Is For Metal
– Hell No
– Weight Of The Heart

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