Metal Mike Checks In From The Studio

By MDuffy

October 27, 2011

Virtuoso shredder “Metal” Mike Chlasciak has performed with many heavyweights of the metal genre over the years, playing Jackson guitars along the way.

Metal Mike recently checked in with JacksonGuitars.com for an update from the studio to show fans some of his gear.

Here’s what he said:

“Horns up high to all fellow Jackson warriors. We took some pics around the House Of Metal Studio where I am currently tracking my new album titled The Metalworker.  I thought that you guys would dig the trusty RRs at work.

“The three guitars that you see have been my workhorses for some time. They are the ‘Unholy’ black w. gold bevels (from Halford, Testament days), white ‘Cavallino’, which you might have seen me use for my Guitar World column and the Black/White beveled one all the way from the Halford ‘Resurrection’ tour. These are my ‘3’ as I call them, and I have used them on all the records I have done to date.

“We are knee high in cases, guitars and amps cranking out the best metal we can. Screaming guitars, soaring vocals and sick double bass for days. Check out the pics! Be back soon with more visuals … Metal Mike”

Also, Metal Mike has a new video for his Guitar World column about how to get the most out of high-pitched natural harmonics.