Death Angel Gives Away First Jackson JS32 Rhoads

By Pauline France

October 28, 2011

Death Angel’s Rob Cavestany gave away the first of three autographed black Jackson JS32 Rhoads guitars to lucky fan Greg Pelgor last night during the band’s concert in Scottsdale, Ariz.

Cavestany will give away two more of these sick axes during the band’s tour with Anthrax and Testament. So, if you entered your name in the drawing before the entry period closed, you may have a chance to win. Just come out to the show you selected, and keep your heads and horns up for your name to be called!

In related news, Cavestany was interviewed by Superskum during the band’s stop in Denver, Colo. on Oct. 19. Watch below as he discusses the giveaway and much more.