Jackson X Series Soloist SL3X Releases Fiery Tone in New Demo

By Sara Norton

October 18, 2019

For fans of our Jackson X Series Soloist™ SL3X model, we’ve now got a screaming new Neon Yellow finish coming your way and a fresh video demo to show what it can do.

The SL3X’s Duncan Designed™ HB-103 bridge humbucker and Duncan Designed HR-101 Hot Rails™ middle and neck pickups punch with high-output tone. The five-way blade offers several pickup combinations for a versatile and expansive voice.

In the clip below, The Absence guitarist Joey Concepcion runs through each of the five pickup positions with a scalding riff that shows off the dynamic voice this axe has to offer. Whether you are after crunchy rhythm tones on the bridge pickup or spanky single coil intonation from the middle and neck positions, the SL3X delivers something for everyone.

Give the extensive voice of the X Series Soloist SL3X a listen in the demo below.