Jackson S32 Warrior With Floyd Rose Review

By Pauline France

July 20, 2011

Ultimate-Guitar user Rattlehead96 gave a rave review of the Jackson JS32 Warrior with Floyd Rose model on a recent review post.

The thrash metal guitarist has been playing for five years and has tried several guitars in the market, but says none of them compare to the Jackson S32 Warrior. He gave the popular model an overall rating of 10, stating that “even the stock pickups sound pretty awesome.” He then added, “I think that even if I didn’t have custom pickups installed, I’d still be satisfied with the tone.”

Rattlehead96 went on to say, “It could look any sexier; it looks as awesome as it plays. If this guitar was taken from me I’d definitely go back and buy it again. This is my guitar for life. It has everything I need.”

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