Jackson JS3 Concert Bass Review In Premier Guitar

By Pauline France

January 16, 2012

Premier Guitar’s Jordan Wagner got his hands on a Jackson JS3 Concert Bass, and gave it a 4.5 out of 5 “pick” rating after exploring it rather exhaustively.

In his online review, Wagner details the guitar’s specs, giving special praise to the model’s volume and tone controls.

“Jackson’s refusal to keep with single volume and tone controls should be commended,” says Wagner. “The JS3’s control setup gives the player an awful lot to work with without having to reach over and touch their amp.”

He also discusses its playability and price.

“Thanks to the neck’s excellent fretwork and binding job, my hands had no comfort issues when moving up and down the fretboard with quick runs and fast riffing,” Wagner says. “For such an inexpensive bass, the feel was exemplary.”

Read the entire review on www.premierguitar.com or listen to Wagner demoing and exploring the JS3’s features in this video here.