Guitar World Reviews the Chris Broderick Pro Series Soloist 6 and the JS32 Dinky Arch Top

By MDuffy

July 8, 2014

Paul Riario of Guitar World recently got his hands on a Chris Broderick Pro Series Soloist 6 and a JS32 Dinky Arch Top and came away pretty impressed with their playability and price points.

“When two new Jackson guitars arrived for me to review, I found the quality exactly what I expected,” he wrote.  “The unexpected part was their very affordable retail prices, which were two, three, maybe even four times less than I thought they were going to be.

“Having reviewed the Chris Broderick Soloist 6 a few years ago, I expected that the Chris Broderick Pro Series Soloist 6 would actually be more expensive, due to its stealthy matte-black finish. I was blown away to discover that it costs less than a third of the previous model’s price.”

Riario also made sure to plug in and put each guitar through the paces.  Check out the review after the jump and click here to pick up the August issue of Guitar World.