Gojira Post Update On New Material

By Pauline France

October 6, 2011

French progressive metal band Gojira updated fans with news of their long-awaited EP Sea Sheperd.

“We know you are all eagerly awaiting the Sea Sheperd EP release,” said Gojira in a recent statement. “We are sorry for the delay. Some of the material was on a hard drive that crashed but we are nearing the end of a long and difficult recovery process.”

The good news is that the Jackson-wielding metallers are getting ready to record in November.

“All the music and lyrics are waiting to be recorded,” notes the statement. “Joe [guitarist/vocalist Joseph Duplantier] is already in New York to check out the studio and make sure everything is sorted so we can begin to record next month.”

The band is also getting ready to launch their new website.

Stay tuned to the Jackson blog for more on Gojira, and check their website-in-progress here.