Get Your Chops Back in Shape with Metal Mike’s New Guitar World Column

By MDuffy

November 27, 2012

Metal Mike Chlasciak is back with a new Guitar World lesson that focuses on keeping your guitar skills in shape during the winter months.

“Over the years, I’ve noticed that guitar playing is like a winter sport,” he noted.  “During the summer, guitarists, like everyone else, divide their time between recreation, work and practice, but when the cold months arrive, they start playing guitar again in earnest. Unfortunately, after a long break, we often find that our skills aren’t quite where they need to be.

“This month, I’m going to present a crash course that will help you get your chops back in shape quickly and effectively. Spend about 45 minutes a day on this month’s examples and I guarantee that you’ll be back in shred mode in no time at all.”

Watch the lesson below and check out Metal Mike’s official website for more information.

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