Flutter Your Whammy Bar Like Metal Mike Chlasciak

By Pauline France

December 20, 2011

At its worst, a whammy bar can produce sounds comparable to a dying elephant or a squealing pig. Not so pleasant.

The good news is, though, Metal Mike Chlasciak teaches you how to master the art of whammy acrobatics in the January 2012 installment of his Metal For Life column in Guitar World magazine.

“I have always been a fan of a whammy bar,” said Chlasciak in a recent statement. “I guess a while back the whammy bar was one of those tricks found in the bags of most guitar heroes I admired. It just stuck with me.”

Watch the videos below to learn whammy technique straight from a pro, and pick up your Jan. 2012 issue of Guitar World to read Chlasciak’s column here.