David Ellefson Goes “Back To Bass-ics” In Guitar World Magazine

By Pauline France

October 17, 2011

Dave Ellefson’s “Mega Bass” column in October’s issue of Guitar World magazine could spare musicians from severe injuries and unnecessary trips to the doctor.

Ellefson provides tips for bassists and guitarists on how to avoid injury.

“Musicians in general – and guitarists and bassists in particular – tend to ignore pain,” said Ellefson to Guitar World. “They’ll usually feel it first in their hands, wrists or forearms, but they’ll continue to play through it.”

You may be nodding your head in agreement, but not taking appropriate measures could cost you your ability to play.

“As the player continues to overdo it, the pain gets worse,” stressed Ellefson in the column. “And sometimes it can get to the point that he or she will have to stop playing for a while – or for good.”

Playing bass or guitar shouldn’t be painful, so pick up the October issue of Guitar World here for more of Ellefson’s sound advice.