Dave Davidson Inspired by his Signature Warrior

By Chrissy Mauck

November 18, 2016

The first time Revocation guitarist Dave Davidson ever saw a Jackson guitar was Marty Friedman’s Kelly.

“I just remember being really struck by the angles and the edges and how everything looked really sharp and  crisp,” said Davidson.

Davidson would later be enamored with the Warrior, thanks to Martyr co-founder Dan Mongrain.  And as a high school graduation gift, Davidson’s family chipped in and invested in his musical future with a Jackson Warrior in Ferrari Red.

“I opened up the box and just immediately started playing on it and shredding on it for hours and coming up with different ideas. Ideas that maybe were sort of sparked from just playing the guitar and being inspired by it.”

Davidson has been equally inspired  by his new Jackson USA Signature Special Edition Dave Davidson Warrior™ 7, which are built by Custom Shop Master Builder Mike Shannon.

“I’m really honored to have Mike Shannon hand-build each and everyone of these guitars — such a  legendary builder,” said Davidson. “He worked on Randy Rhoads’ guitars so it’s awesome that I know that every single on of these that are made are made to the exact specifications, with his craft behind it. I think that will be a really special thing for anyone who picks up this guitar to know these were all built by Mike Shannon.”

In the video below, Davidson runs through some of the key specs and why he chose them, and also showcases his versatile guitar chops.