Artists Share Gear and Tour Tips in Guitar World‘s Summer Slam

By Chrissy Mauck

July 25, 2016

In its July issue, Guitar World is running an article called “Summer Slam” which features several Jackson artists including Lamb of God’s Mark Morton, Death Angel’s Rob Cavestany, Act of Defiance’s Chris Broderick and Conan Gonzalez of Exmortus.

The artists all give a rundown of their gear, as well as offer advice on performing in the extreme summer heat, dish on tour food do’s and dont’s, the must-have items for touring and much more!

Here’s a sampling from the piece …

Gear I’m Using this Summer … Mark Morton

“I’ll be playing several of my signature Jackson Dominions through my Mesa/Boogie Mark V Series amps with MXR effect pedals—phaser, delay and overdrive for leads—Sennheiser Wireless system, Dunlop wah, dbx 266XL, compressor/gate and Boss Noise Gate pedal.”

I Will Never Tour Without … Rob Cavestany

“My stage clothes: black pants and leather Converse All Stars. And my pillow and sheets from home! I get insomnia and familiar bedding helps me relax.”

Highlight of our Set List … Chris Broderick

“‘Disastrophe (A New Reality),’ ‘The Lord Belial,’ ‘Birth and the Burial’ and the encore ‘Throwback.’ We’ve been covering ‘Ace of Spades’ as a tribute to Lemmy [Kilmister]. We have special guests come up and jam with us, which is always a crowd pleaser.”

Advice for Performing in Extreme Heat … Conan Gonzalez

“Wear wristbands so you don’t sweat all over your hardware. I sweat a lot and have managed to rust up my tremolo bridges by neglecting this rule. And powder your feet and genitals! You don’t want chaffing.”