Alberto Rigoni Demos X Series Concert Bass CBXNTM V

By Sara Norton

October 10, 2020

Acclaimed Italian bassist Alberto Rigoni recently demoed the Jackson X Series Concert™ Bass CBXNTM V in a new video on his YouTube channel.

“It’s very punchy and absolutely great!” gushed Rigoni.

The CBXNTM V is outfitted with a light, resonant poplar body that produces a rich tone similar to harder woods without the added load.

“There’s no neck dive and for being a 5-string model, it is quite light weight,” said Rigoni.

Rigoni showed off the Jackson P-style and J-style pickups as he riffed through various hard rock and metal runs.

“The tone is great, really punchy, versatile and has a clear sound that really cuts through the mix,” said Rigoni. “It’s a PJ configuration. And of course, with some distortion it sounds great!”

Watch Rigoni’s demo of the CBXNTM V below.