Video Blog With Megadeth’s Dave Ellefson

By Jeff Owens

July 21, 2010

Megadeth update here straight from Jackson-shredding bassist Dave Ellefson, who appears here in his own video blog in front of a centuries-old Estonian castle—where the band played earlier this week on the last date of its summer European tour—to tell you that Megadeth is coming to an area near you.

The fleet-fingered bassist notes that Megadeth is now homeward bound for late-summer North American Carnage tour dates with Slayer and Testament, plus special second-leg Carnage shows in late September and October with the classic Megadeth-Slayer-Anthrax “Clash of the Titans” lineup.

But what are we telling you all this for? It’s much more interesting to hear Ellefson himself say it, so let’s roll the footage …