Trivium Delivers New Video for “Dead and Gone”

By Morgan Brunner

March 11, 2016

Trivium released seventh studio album Silence In The Snow late last year, and have now introduced a new video for its latest single “Dead and Gone.”

Directed by Jon Paul Douglass, the video focuses on themes of death as it follows an elderly man who appears to be near the end of his life­­—bed-ridden and enslaved to medication. After he rips free of his IV and wanders out of his house, he is immediately chased through the woods by a grim reaper character who is cloaked in black and covered by the mask that graces the band’s album cover.  The elderly man manages to narrowly escape death for a while, but eventually is closed in on at a graveyard. He grips his chest, falls to the ground and is buried half-alive by his pursuer. However, there is a surprising twist, and things might not be as they seem!

Watch the new video below, and visit Trivium’s official website to view their upcoming spring tour dates.