Trivium “Constantly Writing” for Next Album

By Morgan Brunner

May 19, 2016

Trivium’s Corey Beaulieu recently shared with Spotlightnews.com that the band has a good amount of material prepared for the follow-up to October 2015’s Silence in the Snow, and they are hopeful it will be ready for release sometime in 2017.

“You know, we’re always writing during our down time,” he said. “We don’t really write that much anymore [while we’re] on tour. Maybe if we just get an idea or something, but a lot of the stuff that we write nowadays is when we have breaks at home. Usually somebody writes a song, or at least gets an idea down. We don’t wait till we have to start writing a record. We’re just constantly writing, all the time, because it’s just something we like to do. So, we have a lot of material already.”

According to Beaulieu, Trivium is also experimenting with an evolving sound.

“We’ve had the screaming element sound from the beginning,” he explained. “We’ve kind of grown. We have a broad sound. We really like the melodic side of things, and we can go to aggressive, the heavier side of metal. We’ve always had both elements, and then we’ve just used them in different ways. It’s given us a variety of different songs and not being stuck with having to use screaming all the time. We’re able to sing as well.”

Trivium is currently touring the U.S. before heading to Europe on June 4. Dates here.