Soloist SL3X Reviewed in Guitar Player’s Holiday Issue

By Morgan Brunner

December 8, 2016

In the Holiday issue of Guitar Player magazine, the Jackson SL3X is featured and reviewed as part of the “12 New Budget Electrics” article.

Although the SL3X is available in subdued tones such as Satin Black or White Pearl Metallic, reviewer Mike Molenda immediately honed in on the bright color options (Slime Green and Taxi Cab Yellow), capable of captivating an audience on looks alone.

“This is a definitely an instrument that screams ‘LEAD GUITAR’ very loudly and proudly,” he wrote.

Molenda also praised the instrument for its excellent and easy playability, as well as its ability to handle a wide range of tones and genres.

“The big surprise, however, is when you turn down your amp, as the SL3X’s clean tones are as drop-dead gorgeous as its distorted sound are ferocious,” he wrote. “The neck pickup is capable of almost smooth-jazz-style warmth, and the bridge humbucker sparkles with vibe and clarity. Given its versatility, perhaps Jackson should consider renaming this model the ‘Soloist-funk-groove-bluesy-jazzer-with-shimmer-and-chime machine.’”

For the full review, pick up a copy of the Holiday issue here.