Sleigh Bells Rock Wild Crowd At FYF Fest

By MDuffy

September 5, 2012

As the sun went down on last weekend’s FYF Fest in Los Angeles, Sleigh Bells came out from behind their stacks of Marshall cabinets and launched into their trademark sonic assault of pop-infused metal.

The volume went to 11 in the truest sense.

Guitarist Derek Miller and fierce frontwoman Alexis Krauss – along with touring guitarist Jason Boyer – ran through just about every track fans would want to hear of Sleigh Bells’ only two albums, 2010’s Treats and this year’s Reign of Terror.

Set-opener “Demons” was a perfect way to establish the tone of the show.  The Reign hit started with an ominous riff from Miller until the strobe lights began pulsating and the brutalizing drum track kicked in.

Krauss, decked out in multi-colored cutoff shorts and a studded black leather jacket, bounced around the stage like a rock-and-roll cheerleader, alternating between her sing-songy lyrics and inciting the undulating crowd.

Sleigh Bells pulled out more familiar tunes like Treats bangers “Crown on the Ground,” “Kids” and “Riot Rhythm.”

Their latest single, “End of the Line,” gave fans a chance to catch their breath, as the ethereal slow dance had people swaying back and forth with their hands held high.

That didn’t last long, however, as the punch-you-in-the-face Reign single “Born to Lose” snapped everyone back into action.

Sleigh Bells ended their 11-song run with the staccato-heavy “Tell ‘Em,” which was the lead single from Treats and sent one last concussion grenade into the audience.

The festival atmosphere of FYF might not be the headlining venue that Sleigh Bells have enjoyed lately, but the sheer shock and awe of their live show was a solid addition to the lineup.