Sleigh Bells Rock Jackson DK2T in New Vid

By Jeff Owens

January 20, 2011

Miller (left) and Krauss in a still from their "Infinity Guitars" video.

Here’s New York noise-pop duo Sleigh Bells in their new video for all-needles-in-the-red single “Infinity Guitars.”

Do note that alluringly bat-wielding vocalist Alexis Krauss is joined just over a minute in by the act’s other half, Jackson-wielding guitarist and songwriter Derek Miller, who slashes and burns his way through the heavily distorted proceedings with a black DK2T Dinky™ model.

Sleigh Bells formed in 2008 when Miller, late of Miami hardcore outfit Poison the Well, serendipitously met Krauss in the Brooklyn restaurant where he worked. “Infinity Guitars’ comes from 2010 debut album Treats, which also includes first single “Tell ’Em.”

It’s heavy. See for yourself: