Sepultura’s Andreas Kisser Discusses New Album Machine Messiah

By Morgan Brunner

January 6, 2017

Sepultura is ready to drop brand new album Machine Messiah on Jan. 13, and guitarist Andreas Kisser recently sat down for an interview with Silver Tiger Media to discuss the details behind its creative process.

“I write music all the time,” explained Kisser. “I have Sepultura, I have De La Tierra, which is my other band, and different projects and soundtracks here in Brazil for movies and TV series. So I have a lot going on all the time. It’s very natural and common for me [to be working on new music] — especially nowadays; we have the smartphones and everything that you can record any type of idea anywhere anytime.”

Kisser also commented on working with producing legend Jens Bogren in Sweden on the new effort, which he claimed was the “perfect choice.”

“Since day one, when we first started to talk about working together and everything, there was a chemistry going; we were talking the same language and we wanted to go [in] the same direction,” he said.

“He’s an amazing producer, a great musician, with a lot of sensitivity towards how a song should be presented,” Kisser added. “And, like I said, we were working towards the same goal. And he brought, for instance, the suggestion to use the violins from Tunisia, which opened so many new possibilities and new ground to work on, especially on guitar leads and stuff like that.”

Sepultura also recently released a music video for single “Phantom Self,” which can be viewed below. Elements in the video capture the new record’s inspiration of a robotized society.

A track-by-track breakdown of the Machine Messiah can also be viewed below.