Sepultura Drops Documentary Trailers

By Morgan Brunner

March 30, 2016

Finally, the teasers for the long-awaited documentaries on Brazilian/American metal band Sepultura are out.

“Under My Skin” is a six-part mini-series that captures candid footage of the band over four days during their 30th-anniversary tour in 2015.

In addition to “Under My Skin,” the band’s highly anticipated full-length documentary directed by Otavio Juliano will also arrive soon. Juliano’s journey with the group began in 2010, and the no-holds-barred material will feature the triumphs and tribulations Sepultura has faced over the years.

In other exciting news, Sepultura recently wrapped the songwriting process for a new album, tentatively due before the end of the year.

Watch the trailer for “Under My Skin” followed by a clip from the untitled full-length documentary below.