See Joey Concepcion’s New Playthrough for ‘Furious Mind’

By Chrissy Mauck

March 20, 2017

Armageddon guitarist Joey Concepcion has ventured out on his own with new solo debut album Alignment. Released last month, the instrumental album features 11 tracks of progressive heavy metal.

“The songwriting is focused modern metal, grooving in places, fast when the song calls for it, and heavy as hell with brilliant technical and melodic solos,” noted the Lady Obscure blog of the album. “From the modern metal of lead single Across the Skies to the thrash metal Testament-esque The Architect, and the groove-laden ultra melodic Sirens which also features a bluesy solo mid-song reminiscent of George Lynch. Falling is a nice classical guitar piece that serves as an intro to Forces of Nature, a headbanging mid-tempo track with a gorgeously phrased guitar melody line to end the song.”

In the new video below, Concepcion uses his custom Jackson Soloist for a playthrough of its track “Furious Mind.”