Rob Cavestany Highlights Gear Used on The Evil Divide

By Morgan Brunner

June 1, 2016

Death Angel heavily documented the creation of new album The Evil Divide with several trailers, including a great clip with guitarist Rob Cavestany focused on the gear he used on the album.

“I need more guitars; I need more fun so I brought five of my Custom Jacksons,” says Cavestany in the clip below. “Used all of them, all over the place, all over the album. I  brought my Mark Morton Signature Dominion, and that’s used on the album.”

Cavestany also shares his approach to his guitar parts on the record.

“There are quite a few solos on this album that I really, really love,” he says. “I’m not so much trying to go so crazy with playing as to try to make the guitar sing, and just play the melodies and the parts that fit the moment. I feel a lot of that happened very much on this album.”