Revocation Guitarists David Davidson and Dan Gargiulo Show Off Their Rig

By Pauline France

June 27, 2011

Revocation axemen David Davidson and Dan Gargiulo gave metal fans an inside look at their guitar arsenal via metalsucks.net.

In the exclusive rundown, both guitarists talked about their Jackson guitars. In Davidson’s own words:

“I use Jackson WR1 Warriors with Dimazrio pickups (D Activators in the bridge and a Super 2 in the neck position on my white one, and a Liquifire in the neck position on my red one). To me the Jackson Warrior is one of the most badass looking guitars on the market and as an added bonus they also play great and sound killer! I just got my new custom a few weeks ago and I haven’t been able to put it down since.”

Dan Gargiulo was just as excited about his own axe:

“I recently began using a Jackson KE2 live, strung up with D’addario 10-52′s. Those thick low strings add some punch and definition to all the power chords we’re strummin’, and like Dave said, they feel great to tremolo pick on. Not only does this guitar look and sound killer, but I feel safe knowing that it’s pointy enough to use as a deadly weapon in case my life is threatened.”

In related news, Revocation recently stopped by the Jackson Artist Showroom in Burbank, Calif, where they show off those custom Jackson guitars. Watch video from their visit below …

Revocation is currently touring North America with Forbidden, White Wizzard and Havok. For tour dates, click here.