New Metal Mike “Metal For Life” Column in June GW

By Jeff Owens

May 6, 2011

Metal Mike in front of the Musonia School of Music in Los Angeles, where Randy Rhoads once studied.

The June 2011 issue of Guitar World magazine contains “Metal” Mike Chlasciak’s latest “Metal For Life” column, which showcases metal guitar concepts and techniques.

This time around, in “Power Surge—How to Build Power Chord Variations For Maximum Sonic Effect,” the Jackson-wielding Halford/Painmuseum guitarist illustrates ways to build power-chord rhythms beyond the standard root/fifth version commonly found in metal; opting instead for other chord variations such as those used by Megadeth and Dream Theater.

An earlier feature, Metal Mike’s “10 Essential Metal Licks,” from the holiday 2010 Guitar World, is now online at the magazine’s website.