Misha Mansoor Offers Insight into the Making of Periphery’s ‘Select Difficulty’

By Chrissy Mauck

December 12, 2016

In an exclusive video with Jackson, Periphery’s Misha Mansoor offers insight behind the making of latest album Select Difficulty, including its recording process, communication with his bandmates, injecting orchestral moments into the effort and their three-guitar attack.

“Well the three guitar thing, when we write, we are not thinking about three guitars,” explained Mansoor. “When we write, we are writing three compositions. And I consider myself lucky to have two incredible guitarist who I find very inspiring and who have inspired me over the years to push myself.

“Live, that’s when we are like okay, we need to bring this to life in a live context and that’s where three guitars is extremely useful. We have all sorts of different ways of using it. Sometimes we will all three be playing different parts sometimes and there will even be different parts on the backing tracks. Sometimes we are all playing in unison. One really cool thing I like about having three guitars is that you can have the two double track guitars on the left and right and the center guy doing the lead or another part or a counter point or something like that.”

Check out the full interview below …